Wimpy Wins an Orchid

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Bloemfontein Readers' Choice Awards
Best Coffee Shop
Best Breakfast

Daily News Your Choice Awards
Best Breakfast Venue
Best Coffee Shop - Runner-up

Sunday Times Top Brands Awards
Best Family Sit-down Restaurant - Runner-up

Ekurhuleni Readers' Choice Awards
Best Breakfast

Pretoria Readers' Choice Awards
Best Breakfast

DFA Readers' Choice Awards
Best Breakfast

Wimpy Cheese Omelettes

Since Wimpy is known as the breakfast leaders of South Africa, it only made sense that in April 2013 we proudly introduced Cheese Omelettes to our menu. They're available every day all day - just the way you like them. Ladadi Ladida… Wimpy Cheese Omelettes!

500 restaurants and still going strong

In January 2011, Wimpy opened their 500th restaurant. In the Wimpy spirit of always innovating and trying new ideas, the new Durban restaurant looks quite different to the original Wimpy in Murchie’s Passage, but it’s the same Wimpy at heart; warm and welcoming and still sizzling, fresh from the griddle. The 500th store opening was: Wimpy The Grove

We celebrated, laughed and cried, and hosted the world

2010 was a year like no other for South Africa. Hosting the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup showed the world just how far we’ve come as a nation. And Wimpy was right there, serving up some ‘lekker boerie and eggs over easy’ with a smile. WIMPI!

Wimpy launches Premium Blend Coffee

Espresso based coffees brewed with perfectly extracted espresso from freshly ground coffee beans, expertly prepared by our specially trained baristas. A supreme taste experience.

Wimpy got Famous

In 2003 Wimpy was bought by Famous Brands. This acquisition meant that Wimpy could take advantage of the benefits of the group; such as the Famous Brands Supply Chain, with two HACCP accredited facilities. This has meant even better consistency and quality for Wimpy patrons.

All it takes is a secret patty, a juicy tomato and a whole lotta love

Ever wondered what makes Wimpy Burgers taste so darn fantastic? Apart from the ‘secret patties’ that is. In 1998 delicious Wimpy Relish was introduced to the burger range, which resulted in an astronomic rise in Wimpy Cheesburger sales. A little bit sweet, a little bit tangy, Wimpy Relish is now a firm favourite on the Wimpy menu.

Feeding change

1985 was another milestone year for Wimpy, and for the progress of racial harmony. That was the year that, long before real change was seen in South Africa, Wimpy officially welcomed all races inside its stores, making it a destination that all South Africans could enjoy.

Not just a coffee, and definitely not a cappuccino, it’s Famous Wimpy Coffee

In 1984 quite a few people set out to perfect and standardise Wimpy Coffee; right about the time that South Africans began to realise that real coffee came from beans and not a bottle. Made from a special Wimpy ground filter coffee blend and hot milk frothed with a Hamilton-Beach blender, Wimpy Coffee will always be the same, no matter where you choose to have one. Famous Wimpy Coffee; putting kettles out of work since ’67.

Sunny side up from here on out

What began as the Durban Aquarium Wimpy serving up plates of scrambled egg and sausages to fill hungry tummies before a day on the beach, soon found its way onto the new ‘Great Wimpy Breakfast’ menu. Initially serving only five breakfasts, the great South African Wimpy breakfast was officially born in 1982.

Fair play for Wimpy

The franchise industry in the 70’s was virgin territory. There were no Franchising Associations and companies could pretty much do as they pleased. Wimpy changed all this by introducing comprehensive franchisee agreements, which facilitated a mutually beneficial relationship between franchisee and franchisor, culminating in Wimpy being voted the Franchisor of the Year by FASA in 1995.

Wimpy takes to the road

In 1972 the great South African roadtrip tradition got even better with a Wimpy stop along the way. As more and more South Africans flocked to the coast for summer holidays Wimpy joined forces with Mobil and put Wimpy on the highways. Today there are more than 40 Wimpy Engen 1-Stops gracing South African roads.

Wimpy hit Durbs first

Wimpy made its first home in Murchie’s Passage, Durban in 1967. Since then we’ve seen laughter, shared a joke and watched love blossom over a pink milkshake. We’ve seen South Africa celebrate, smile and leap for joy. And we’ve loved every minute of it!

Wimpy Moments