Food for Thought

Food for Thought 2

Our coffees are always handcrafted to order, and we’ve been the home of the South African breakfast for half a decade. Our burger patties are made from a 100 % makhoya beef and our Wimpy Relish has been made the same way since 1967. Yes, the great taste of Wimpy will never change, but the way we serve it might. That’s because we’ll never stop looking for ways to be better for you and the environment

This is why we’re committed to finding more sustainable ways to produce food and why we responsibly and ethically source from eco-conscious suppliers who sustainably manage resources. We are also constantly thinking of ways to reduce, recycle, and reinvent our food packaging. That’s why we don’t just serve food, we serve food with thought.

Think Welness

Food safety

We follow the strictest hygiene standards in our kitchen and restaurant environment to ensure you always enjoy quality food. Here every moment is a safe one.

Sodium and sugar reduction

We’ve reduced the amount of sugar and sodium in all our recipes, without losing that great Wimpy taste that you know and love. We’ve reduced the sugar content in our milkshakes, for instance, and they still taste as great as they did ’67, akere?

Special dietary requirements

Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions, food allergies, intolerances, or lifestyle choices and we’ll find a meal to suit your needs.

Trans fatty acids

At Wimpy, your health is important to us and that’s why we’ve reduced the presence of trans fatty acids in our recipes.

We've included the kilojoule count on our ‘Better For You’ menu items, and we’ll endeavour to ensure kilojoules are present for all menu items. We’ve also included allergen information on each dish – this information can be found next to each menu item on our website and was done to help you make more informed choices when you visit us.

We know that different customers have different approaches to choosing the right food and drinks both at home and while eating out. We trust that this information will help those who require it to make informed decisions. We’ve also made available a full nutritional guide on our website containing information on energy, protein, carbohydrates, fat, dietary fibre, and sodium.

Think Sustainability

Sustainable farming practices

We aim to ensure that our food is sourced, produced and grown in a responsible manner and all the eggs we use to make our lekker brekkies are free range. We’ve committed to only using free-range eggs in our restaurants. Free-range eggs are defined as eggs from birds that are free to roam within the confines of a shed (which may have more than one level). Free-range chickens must have access to an outdoor area and are never confined to a cage. We believe that this is not only a more humane existence for chickens, but also allows them to produce eggs of a higher quality – a core requirement of our food philosophy.

Sustainable packaging

All our packing is recyclable and we’re constantly making the necessary adjustments to ensure we meet the latest sustainability practices. So, go on and have your favourites delivered.

Given our commitment to packaging that doesn't harm the environment, we’ve launched the Wimpy Eco Cup, which is 100% compostable and recyclable. We’re also committed to only using paper straws in our restaurants. This was a conscious move to reduce the impact of single-use plastic on our natural environment. We’ve also removed polystyrene containers from our restaurants.

Environmental management

We continually improve the eco-efficiency of our operations to reduce our impact on the environment.

We support local

Our famous chips are made from proudly South African Herta & Van Der Plank cultivar potatoes, sourced from the Sandveld region and our cheese is made in the Eastern Cape with locally sourced milk from the Coega Valley. As for our coffee beans? They’re roasted right here in Mzansi. Even our menu is local and is available in all 11 official languages.

Think Community

We believe in supporting initiatives that help the most vulnerable members in our community, and we also inspire others to do the same. This is how we make a lasting difference, because together we are always better. After all, izandla ziyagezana.

From a product perspective

We understand that our customers have diverse dietary needs, which is why we also serve vegetarian and vegan offerings, as well low-carb menu items. We also have several Halaal-certified restaurants in our stable, and Halaal-suitable alternatives at selected restaurants.

Reach For A Dream

For more than 30 years, Reach For A Dream has been fulfilling the dreams of children who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Since 2014, Wimpy has been a supporter of Slipper Day, which is Reach For A Dream's largest annual fundraiser. When Slipper Day was cancelled in 2020, because of lockdown restrictions, we created a donation portal on our website to keep on supporting this inspiring non-profit organisation. Follow the link if you want to make a dream come true:

Lifesaving SA

For over a century, Lifesaving SA has been keeping South African families safe. This volunteer-based initiative saves hundreds of people from drowning every year, and through their Watersmart and Let’s Learn to Swim initiatives, they’re empowering the youth to safely enjoy bodies of water. That’s why we’ve been behind the buoys since 2018: