Build a Sandcastle!

Dad and I LOVE building sandcastles! I’ve developed some serious skills over the years and Dad…well, he’s still got a lot to learn. So Dad, if you’re reading this, take notes!

Anyway, apart from my years of experience, I did some serious research on the subject and this is the best way to build one of these things:

What you need:

  • Sand (and lots of it)
  • Water
  • Different size buckets
  • Measuring spoons
  • Wooden spoon

How you do it:

1. Mix the sand and water.
This can be done in a sandpit (if you’re on the beach) or in a big bucket if you’re at home.

The trick to building a solid sandcastle is to get the water/sand ratio just right and this is it: For every eight buckets of sand you’ll need one bucket of water.

2. Start with a big pile of sand
If you want your sandcastle to be impressive it needs to be tall! The best way to get some height is to start with a good foundation. Start with a big pile of sand that you flattened out on top. This way you’ll get lots of height for your bucket shapes to stand on.

3. Fill those buckets!
Fill your different size buckets with sand. Make sure you compress the sand with your hand (hey that rhymes!). Turn the buckets onto your foundation and knock the sides of the buckets with the wooden spoon to loosen the sand. Pull the bucket up slowly or your towers will collapse (I added this last bit just for you Dad!)
It’s a good idea to decide on a basic layout before you start building, in other words the basic shape of your sandcastle. Dad loves to freestyle when it comes to these things and needless to say (but I’m going to say it anyway) it never ends well.

4. Make some doors and windows

Use the measuring spoons to carve out doors and windows.

Tip: This activity is best enjoyed with the people you love.

Oh, I almost forget! Building sandcastles is hard work and seeing as I do most of it, Dad always says that I deserve a treat for my effort. Well, I say it and he agrees. My favourite treat? A Wimpy burger and milkshake, of course!


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