Little boy enjoying a blue milkshake

Wimpy plays its part to preserve the planet and marine life

Johannesburg, April 2019 – According to research conducted by the United Nations (UN), microplastics in the seas now outnumber stars in our galaxy; and if present trends continue, there will be more plastic in the world’s oceans than fish by 2050*.

In light of this information and the rising consumer campaigns against plastic pollution, Wimpy rolled out paper straws in July 2018 across all its restaurants in the country. As a brand that celebrates family and special moments shared between loved ones, Wimpy took the stance to do away with plastic straws and rather opt for paper straws because the world is precious, and we all collectively need to ensure many more moments to come.

“As a brand that is centred around shared moments by families, we are proud to play our part in preserving the planet and marine life by halting the use of plastic straws and replacing them with paper straws,” says Jacques Cronje, Marketing Executive at Wimpy. “Stopping the use of plastic straws may seem like a small act to some but it’s important for us to ensure that future generations and their families can also enjoy moments together in a clean environment that is not polluted by plastic.”

Though Wimpy already launched paper straws in July 2018, the business relooked the current batch of straws in order to give customers a better experience while using them. The improved paper straws have been tested to ensure that they don’t unravel quickly when they are soaked by using different and durable glue and paper.

Wimpy encourages its patrons and South Africans at large to play their part by supporting this worthy cause of going plastic-free because small good efforts put together give a positive and significant result. “This is a change that anyone from any background can apply in their lives. Together we can protect and preserve our planet for generations to come,” continues Cronje.