COVID-19 Precautions

4 Easy Ways To Get Your Wimpy favourite in Level 3

We’ve got Level 3 locked down and now you can get your hands on your Wimpy favourite in 4 easy ways:

  1. No Contact Delivery
  2. No Contact Collection via Kerbside Delivery
  3. No Contact Takeaway from the Counter
  4. No Contact via Drive Thru

If you’re staying in, let your favourite come to you via No Contact Delivery:

  1. Order and pay online via Uber Eats or Mr D, or call your local Wimpy to see if they deliver.
  2. The driver will place your order on the delivery bag and step back, keeping a safe distance of 1.5m.
  3. Pick up your favourite and enjoy.
  4. Easy, right?

If you’re on the road, park off at your local Wimpy and stay safe with No Contact Kerbside Delivery:

  1. Call your local Wimpy
  2. Give us your car details
  3. When you arrive at the restaurant park off at a designated Kerbside Delivery parking bay
  4. Just stay seated and we’ll bring your delivery to you!

If you prefer takeaway, here are the things you need to remember:

  1. Wear a mask
  2. Sanitise your hands
  3. Get your temperature checked, and
  4. Stay 1.5m apart!

At Wimpy we continue to keep it safe, every moment of every day. We follow a strict hygiene regime and social distancing precautions, always wearing masks and regularly washing and sanitising our hands. Also, the daily screening of staff and sanitising throughout the day are essentials here. If you have any queries, go to [insert link] where you’ll find all of our safety and hygiene protocols.

Let’s all play our part in keeping each other safe, because together we can make a difference.