Road Trip Essentials: Wimpy’s Number Robot

With the long weekend approaching, many of us are readying ourselves for that first family road trip of the year. Parents are already panicking, wondering how they’re going to keep the kids entertained on the drive ahead. They’re thinking about the toys they need to pack and the apps that’ll be filling up their phones.

Take a deep breath, mom and dad, because with Wimpy’s Number Robots, we’ve got everything covered.

First off there’s the Number Robots Game, which is the perfect road-trip edutainment for kids from 4 years and up. There are 9 levels that your little one will have to complete, as well as a number of tasks that will test their motor skills, memory, and problem-solving abilities. By playing, they’re also helping the Number Robots get to Earth, so they can assemble into Mega Bot and save the planet. Exciting stuff for everyone, right?

Then there are also the Number Robot collectables, which we’re serving with every Kids’ Combo Meal. These robots transform from numbers into bots and, if you collect all 10, you can build your very own Mega Bot.

Our Number Robots are available at all Wimpy’s nationwide, including all Engen Wimpys you’ll encounter on your road trip. To play the numbers game, just follow the link:

Enjoy the weekend getaway, and be sure to make it all about the numbers.