FNB On The Go with Wimpy at Engen 1Stop Participating Stores

Engen 1 Stop Belfast
Engen 1 Stop Blockhouse North
Engen 1 Stop Blockhouse South
Engen 1 Stop Bloemfontein North
Engen 1 Stop Bloemfontein South
Engen 1 Stop Bloemfontein Mangaung
Engen 1 Stop Buffalo River
Engen 1 Stop Colesburg
Engen 1 Stop Cato Ridge
Engen 1 Stop Mooi River
Engen 1 Stop North Coast North
Engen 1 Stop North Coast South
Engen 1 Stop Nyala
Engen 1 Stop Pongola
Engen 1 Stop Tugela North
Engen 1 Stop Tugela South
Engen 1 Stop False Bay
Engen 1 Stop Grasmere North
Engen 1 Stop Grasmere South
Engen 1 Stop Heidelberg CT
Wimpy Harrismith
Engen 1 Stop Highveld East
Engen 1 Stop Highveld West
Engen 1 Stop Klawer
Engen 1 Stop Kranskop North
Engen 1 Stop Kranskop South
Engen 1 Stop Kroonvaal North
Engen 1 Stop Kroonvaal South
Engen 1 Stop Laingsburg
Engen 1 Stop Longmeadow
Engen 1 Stop Mossel Bay
Engen 1 Stop Mthatha Myezo
Engen 1 Stop New Road South
Engen 1 Stop Piet Retief
Engen 1 Stop Platinum East
Engen 1 Stop Platinum West
Engen 1 Stop Plettenberg Bay
Engen 1 Stop Riversdale
Engen 1 Stop Rudan Motors
Engen 1 Stop Sedgefield
Engen 1 Stop Swartberg
Engen 1 Stop Swartland
Engen 1 Stop Umfula
Engen 1 Stop Vaal East
Engen 1 Stop Vaal West
Engen 1 Stop Weskus
Engen 1 Stop Winelands North
Engen 1 Stop Winelands South
Engen 1 Stop Wolmaranstad
Terms and conditions
FNB On The Go is a new benefit being launched in October 2018, which gives qualifying FNB customers a complimentary breakfast or burger meal at participating Wimpy restaurants located at Engen 1Stops across South Africa. The benefit is for qualifying FNB Gold, Premier, Private Clients, Private Wealth or RMB Private Bank Account holders. Qualifying FNB customers who are multi-segmented (for example qualified on both FNB Gold and FNB Premier) will receive the FNB On The Go benefit on their highest qualifying segment.

The benefit can only be redeemed at participating Engen 1Stop Wimpy restaurants for breakfast and burger meals as specified on the Wimpy menu and does not include beverages, “make it your own” or additional menu items. FNB On The Go benefits cannot be exchanged for cash. The benefit is applicable to both sit-down and takeaway meals.

To qualify for the FNB On The Go benefit you must be on eBucks Reward Level 2 or above. If you drop below Reward Level 2 at any time after you have been rewarded with the FNB On The Go benefit, you will not be able to access the FNB On The Go benefit until you are back on Reward Level 2 or above. Your qualification for access to the FNB On The Go benefit will be determined monthly in accordance with your eBucks Reward level while the benefit remains valid.

Qualifying FNB customers will receive one FNB On The Go benefit every 3 (three) months via the FNB/RMB Banking App. The benefit is only valid for the quarter in which it has been allocated to you, and will expire at the end of the 3 (three) month period. Any unused FNB On The Go benefit will expire, and will not be carried over to the next quarter.

FNB On the Go will only be available on the FNB/ RMB Banking App. You will need to log into the FNB/RMB Banking App to obtain the unique code which may be redeemed at a participating Wimpy for your complimentary meal. A new, randomly generated code is generated upon each request and can therefore not be saved and redeemed at a later stage.

For Customer Care please contact the eBucks Contact Centre
Call: 087 320 3200
Website: www.ebucks.com

Alternatively, please contact the WIMPY Contact Centre
Call: 08600 94679 / WIMPY
E-mail: info@wimpy.co.za
Website: www.wimpy.co.za