Breakfast is served when you say so text

Breakfast is served when you say so

Breakfast is better when you’re not in a rush. The early bird might get the worm, but everyone else can get a delicious all-day breakfast. Got an empty belly but no breakfast ideas? Here are all the answers you’ll ever need for the question ‘what can I have for breakfast?’.

Waitress holding a tray with a plate of breakfast
Mzansi Breakfast special
All-Day breakfasts text Farmhouse breakfast with bacon, eggs, chips and toast

All-Day Breakfasts

Farmhouse Brekkie

For some people, you can’t talk about breakfast without mentioning bacon and eggs. If you’re some people, treat yourself to a brekkie with all your morning favourites, any time of the day.

Lekker Breakfast

But there’s more to brekkie than bacon and eggs. Like beef boerewors, 2 cheese & sweetcorn mielie bread flapjacks, served with Famous Wimpy Relish and a slice of toast. Pay us a visit and treat yourself to the homegrown flavour of a Lekker Breakfast.

Lekker breakfast with bacon, eggs, boerewors, toast and mielie bread flapjacks
Toasted sandwiches for breakfast textDagwood toasted sandwich

Toasted Sandwiches for Breakfast

Dagwood Toasted Sandwich

Having breakfast first thing in the morning, or closer to lunch? Enjoy a meal that fits right in to your schedule either way. Drop by for a delicious Dagwood Toasted Sandwich with all your favourite fillings.

Bacon & Egg Toasted Sandwich

The early bird isn’t always hungry, but when it’s finally time to have the most important meal of the day, schedule some time for a Bacon & Egg Toasted Sandwich served with a regular portion of chips or side garden salad.

Bacon and egg toasted sandwich

It’s always breakfast time somewhere.
That somewhere is our table.

Join us any time for your favourite brekkie.