Get the best breakfast all day at Wimpy

What’s the best way to start your day? With a classic combo like bacon and eggs? How about tucking into a toasted sandwich? Whatever you crave, our breakfast menu’s got something for you all day, every day.

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All Day Breakfast

A white plate with breakfast foods including 1 egg, 2 rashers of streaky bacon, a pork banger, a slice of grilled tomato, and a slice of toast.

Mzansi Brekkie

Let’s say you’re craving a meal that’s big on flavour and low on price. You don’t have to wait until your wallet’s thicker before you enjoy the best breakfast. Get a bit of everything for next to nothing when you order the Mzansi Brekkie.

Farmhouse Breakfast

Some people prefer something simple in the morning: a bowl of cereal, a bagel or a serving of muesli. If you’re the kind of person who wants a brekkie with a bit of everything, we’ve got you covered. Order the Farmhouse Breakfast with eggs, bacon, tomato, grilled tomato, chips, and toast.

Bacon & egg breakfast with 2 eggs, 3 rashers of back bacon, a slice of grilled tomato, a full portion of chips, and a slice of toast.

The Toast With the Most

Breakfast meal with a 90g beef patty, 2 rashers of back bacon, 2 slices of cheese, sliced gherkins, a fried egg, grilled onions, and Famous Wimpy Relish between toasted bread against a white plate.

Dagwood Toasted Sandwich

How do you like your toast? If you’re the kind who wants a little more than butter on their toast, your best bet for brekkie is a Dagwood toasted sandwich. But not just any toasted sandwich – one filled with your favourite fillings. Whether you’re having it all in one go or saving some for later, have your brekkie your way.

Toasted Bacon & Egg Toasted Sandwich

Our Toasted Bacon & Egg toasted sandwich is made with white or wholewheat toast and served with your choice of side. Either way, you’re guaranteed to enjoy it until the last bite.

Bacon & egg sandwich with a full portion of chips.

Admit it – your mouth’s watering right now. Order your All-Day Breakfast from the Wimpy Rewards App, or browse our breakfast menu to see what else we have on offer.

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