Fuel Up For Mahala

No need to keep the car in the garage because of another petrol price hike. Rather make a pit stop at Engen Wimpy, fuel up with your favourite meal and you could WIN a full tank on us.

That’s right, from 1 July 2022 – 5 August 2022 we’re giving away R100 000 in fuel vouchers. To enter, just order & pay with the Wimpy Rewards App at any Engen Wimpy and you could win weekly fuel vouchers to the value of R1 500. That’s fuel for mahala!

So fill up to fuel up and love the journey.

T&Cs apply. To enter, you need to purchase a meal or drink at any Engen Wimpy nationwide and pay using the Wimpy Rewards App. You will be automatically entered into the draw. This competition runs from 1 July 2022 – 5 August 2022. Every week, for 5 weeks, 14 x R1 500 vouchers will be given away. The judges’ decision is final. This competition can be withdrawn at any time and without prior notice.

Fuel Up for Mahala

Wimpy and Engen Partnership

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No family road trip is complete without an Engen Wimpy pit stop. This is where you’ll find us along the way. We’ve even added some local attractions that are worth a visit, just to ensure you enjoy every step of the journey.

How to Plan a South African Family Trip

Jealous down: Few things can offer the same adventure and memories as a family trip. School holidays, long weekends, and year-end breaks are the perfect time to hit the open road with your windows down and the volume up, especially if you’re joined by family.

If you smaak the ultimate South African family trip, a bit of planning will do you a whole world of good. Here are a few tips to help make your family road trip one worth remembering.

Before the Trip

Choose a Destination

First things first, you need to know where you’re going. That sounds like a simple enough task until you do a bit of research. In a country as beautiful as ours, families on the hunt for a road trip destination are spoilt for choice. The good news is that there is no right or wrong when you’re trying to figure out which part of the country to visit. Whether it’s the windswept beaches of the West Coast or the lush landscapes of the Eastern Cape’s Wild Coast, you and your family are bound to have a good time.

Consider Your Car

Not all cars are up to the task of long-distance driving. Convertibles, sports cars, small crossovers, SUVs, and fuel-efficient cars are the ideal vehicles for solo road trips. If you’re travelling with family or a group of friends, SUVs and minivans are your best bet. But remember, comfort is just as important as performance. Make sure there’s plenty of spare room for your passengers since they’re going to be spending several hours inside the vehicle. If your car isn’t the best fit for a road trip, consider hiring one from a reputable car rental company.

Get a Tune Up

Let’s say your car can handle long distances just fine. That’s still no reason to just step behind the wheel without a bit of tuning. Before you depart, it’s a good idea to let a mechanic change your oil, refill your windshield wiper fluid, and check whether your lights are in working order. These small precautions go a long way in reducing the chance of experiencing mechanical issues during your trip.

Plan Your Pit Stops

It’s reasonable to assume that you’ll need a break every two to three hours. Instead of making stops at a random backroad garage, plan your stops to include any interesting landmarks or tourist destinations. It’s part of the road trip experience, after all. If you have an idea of how much fuel you’ll consume along the way, plan your pit stops and take a sho’t left to an Engen Wimpy. Not only will you get the opportunity to refuel your car, but you’ll also have the chance to grab a lekker meal and a refreshing drink before you get back on the road. Use the map on the top left corner to find an Engen Wimpy along your route.

Sort Out Snacks and Entertainment

The driver obviously needs to focus their attention on the road. The same can’t be said about the passengers, especially kids. Your passengers’ biggest enemies are hunger and boredom, so make sure to pack plenty of snacks, gadgets, and fun activities to keep them occupied. Music, crossword puzzles, and books are just a few of the ways to help your passengers pass the time. If your kids are big on books and stories, you can keep them occupied with a reading of a local story. Head to our Ethnikids page to play author readings of South African short stories written by local authors.

During the Drive

Stay Safe

If you’ve sorted out the snacks and entertainment before the trip, road safety is the only thing you should be worried about when you’re behind the wheel. Once your road trip is underway, a few tips can help make the journey as safe as possible.

  • Focus on the road: Now’s not the time to respond to texts or take a video. Leave your cellphone alone to prevent possible distractions
  • Don’t eat on the go: Multitasking behind the wheel is not the best idea. Snacking is okay, but you should ideally be stopping at a restaurant or garage to eat
  • Adjust your posture: Slouching can make you drowsy. Try to adjust your posture so you’re not too far away from the steering wheel and pedals
  • Ignore phone calls: Talking on the phone is a major distraction, even if you’re using a handsfree device. Ignore phone calls while you’re behind the wheel and answer them at your pit stop
  • Watch out for potholes: Potholes have one thing in common; they all come out of nowhere. Make sure you keep an eye on the road ahead to avoid driving into a pothole
  • Keep to the speed limit: Speed limits aren’t just for your safety, they’re for the safety of those around you too. The time saved from speeding isn’t enough to warrant the safety risks that come with speeding

When You Get to Your Destination

You’ve finally made it to your destination, and it’s even more beautiful than you imagined. Halala! There’s only one thing to do at this point in the journey: Soak up the beauty of Mzansi’s domestic travel gems. If there was ever a time to enjoy every moment, it’s now. Banish the thought of everything that awaits you when you return home and make the most of your holiday. While you’re at it, make sure you take plenty of pictures. The next time you’re wondering what to do for a long weekend or school holiday, the sight of you and your family basking in the beauty of South Africa will inspire your next trip.

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