Famous Grills

There’s a Famous Grilled Meal waiting for you at Wimpy

What do business lunches, family get-togethers and weekend meet ups have in common?

Whether you’re craving a succulent chicken, a juicy steak, or a meal with a little bit of everything, have a seat at Wimpy. Our lunch menu is full of your favourite Famous Grills.

Enjoy it your way
Grilled chicken meal to try
Double chicken schnitzel

Chicken Schnitzel

Had your fair share of full chicken? Try our Double Chicken Schnitzel. That’s 2 chicken schnitzels, 2 slices of cheese and mushroom sauce, made for sharing or empty tummies.

Grilled Chicken

Whether you’ve worked up a massive appetite or want to treat yourself to a filling meal that won’t empty your wallet, two chicken fillets are always better than one. Enjoy our Grilled Chicken Fillets, basted with bbq or peri-peri or lemon & herb, served with creamy or chilli mayo.

grilled chicken fillets
chicken wings

Chicken Wings

Not a fan of forks? Let’s serve you your favourite finger food – our famous Chicken Wings. Get hands-on and be as messy as you want – our wings are best enjoyed your way.

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Even more grilled meat to enjoy
Mixed grill

Mixed Grill

Can’t decide what to have for lunch? How about a grill with a little bit of everything? Sink your teeth into our Mixed Grill, with a tender sirloin steak, beef patty, beef boerewors, 2 rashers of back bacon, 1 fried egg, grilled onions and Famous Wimpy Relish.

Order yours off our breakfast menu or the lunch menu – whatever works for you and your schedule.

Meaty Feast

Some people just aren’t satisfied until their plate is packed with all their meaty favourites. If you’re ‘some people’, we’ve got the perfect grill for you – the Ultimate Meaty Feast. That’s a sirloin steak, grilled onions, lamb chop, beef boerewors, & a juicy 1/4 Chicken basted with bbq or peri-peri or lemon & herb.

Ultimate Meaty Feast

Ready to enjoy a Famous Grill?

enjoy a meal at our table or yours.