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Imagine a full-bodied and well-balanced medium to dark roast with hints of mild fruit, dark chocolate and walnuts, the kind that always has a smooth, creamy finish. That’s our award-winning signature blend. A cup that will take you from eishhhhh to sho boss, it’s all good.

It is made using carefully selected premium coffee beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Uganda and India, which are mixed and roasted to perfection right here in SA. This gives our coffee beans a lekker flavour that’s perfect for that everyday sphithiphithi . We use this special blend to make a variety of freshly expressed coffees and every cup is prepared by one of our expert baristas. This is how we ensure a premium coffee experience every time.

Our expressed coffee menu

Here are the coffees on our menu and how to find a cup that you’ll smaak!


What is it? A smooth, rich coffee shot with a full body and a natural golden crema.

Who will enjoy it? For those who can appreciate coffee in its purest form. This is how you experience the full strength and flavour of a blend.

This one has that strong Yoh, Yoh, Yoh taste.

Espresso Coffee in a cup
Americano coffee in a cup


What is it? A double shot of espresso topped off with hot water to gently break the richness.

Who will enjoy it? Perfect for those who want to savour the strength and flavour of an expressed coffee, but are looking for an easier drinking experience.

It’s the one that makes you go Ja ne.


What is it? A double shot of espresso with steamed milk, topped with a light, frothy milk foam.

Who will enjoy it? If you want a textured drinking experience that combines our bold coffee taste with the natural sweetness of milk, then this is the one for you.

It’s perfect for when you want to phola and take a break. It’s just lekker, man.

Cuppucino coffee in a cup
Caffe Latte coffee in a cup

Caffè Latte

What is it? A smooth shot of espresso, 2 parts steamed milk and a dollop of foam.

Who will enjoy it? If you can appreciate a deliciously creamy texture, infused with a subtle coffee flavour, then our Caffè Latte is your drink of choice.

When you want to sit back and enjoy the nice things mo lifeng. Yaaas!

Let’s talk local

Our Premium Blend Coffees have been a local favourite for almost 20 years and everyone remembers the days when we first started talking foreign. Whether you like to speak foreign or local taal, our coffee has that thing that’ll make you go yoh, yoh, yoh!

So, next time you’re looking for the best coffee shop near me, why not try Wimpy?

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