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Warm or iced? Black or sweetened? A quick sip before a trip, or something to savour while you sit down? However you prefer your percolated perfection, we’ve got a brew for you.

The types of coffee brewed at Wimpy

When your cold hands need a warm embrace, come in for a comforting coffee. We’ll brew it just the way you like it.

Browse our famous coffees below:

Wimpy Brews

What do you get when you take carefully selected beans from all over the world and roast them to perfection in Mzansi? Our signature blend, of course. Enjoy a full-bodied and well-balanced medium to dark roast with hints of mild fruit, dark chocolate and walnuts, perfect for a coffee catch up on a cold winter's day.

Cappuccino premium coffee


You can’t talk about the perfect pick-me-up without mentioning a cappuccino. Start your frosty winter day with the classic taste of the perfect balance of espresso, steamed milk, and foam.

Espressso premium coffee


Cold winter mornings have got nothing on an espresso. Order an espresso to get the kind of caffeine kick that makes you go “Yoh, yoh, yoh” and defrost your senses.

Amricano premium coffee

Americano Africano

Not too keen on the strong taste of an espresso? Enjoy an Americano Africano instead. Get a single or double serving of espresso diluted to your satisfaction, perfect for savouring on a chilly afternoon.

latte premium coffee

Flavoured Latte

Craving a coffee way past the first part of the day? It’s never too latte! Treat yourself to our NEW Flavoured Lattes, available in Butternut Toffee and Choc Hazelnut coffees.

Cremoccino premium coffee


Here’s a coffee that tastes as good as it looks! Order a Wimpy Cremoccino to enjoy a drink that’s easy on the eye and the tastebuds, perfect for sipping during cozy winter gatherings.

Cappuccino premium coffee

Famous Wimpy Coffee

We don’t call it our Famous Wimpy Coffee for nothing. Wondering why it’s one of our best brews for cold winter days? You’ll just have to order it to find out!

Filter premium coffee

Filter Coffee

What happens when you pour hot water over coffee grounds and let the resulting brew drip through a filter? You get one of our most famous blends – the Wimpy Filter Coffee. Order yours to sip on, something perfect for warming up during winter months.

Coffee beans
Ice cubes

Iced Coffee

You don't have to wait till winter to enjoy your favourite warm drink. Our selection of iced coffees will give you that coffee fix you crave, with a refreshing twist. Take a moment to chill and indulge in a cool escape, one sip at a time.

Chocolate hazelnut iced coffee

Choc Hazelnut Iced Coffee

Can’t stay away from iced coffee, even when the temperature drops? Order a Choc Hazelnut Coffee to enjoy a filter coffee flavoured with chocolate hazelnut syrup & steamed milk.

Salted caramel iced coffee

Salted Caramel Iced Coffee

Looking for something salty, sweet, and seriously delicious? Sounds like you’re craving a Salted Caramel Coffee. Grab yours to get a filter coffee flavoured with salted caramel syrup & steamed milk.


Our Coffee Community

Our brus aren’t just satisfied with sipping a brew – they want everyone to spread the word far and wide. Posted a picture of yourself enjoying a Wimpy coffee? Then there’s a good chance you’ll spot yourself over here!

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