Enjoy a lunch special at Wimpy

Lunch Specials that
Make Lunch Feel Special

Lunch specials make midday memorable. On the days when you want to give your lunchbox a break, you deserve a delicious meal that won’t break the bank.

Man holding a juicy burger about to take a bite
Lunch specials


Cheeseburgers and soda go together like you and your best friend. When you’re craving something delicious, order a Cheeseburger Combo for you and someone from your crew.

cheeseburger combo drink cheeseburger combo drink
Quarter chicken and chips, steak chop and wors, chicken fillet with cooked veg

Grilled Chicken

Want to give beef a break? Grab a seat and order one of our grilled chicken meals. Take your pick from our Famous Grills menu. We’ve got everything from ¼ Chicken to the Ultimate Meaty Feast – a meal with a bit of everything.

Quarter chicken and chips
Grilled chicken fillets with cooked veg
Ultimate meaty feast with ¼ chicken, steak, chop, wors and chips
Our classic burgers are everyon's favourite
cheeseburger combo drink Bacon and egg toasted sandwich with chips

Toasted Sandwich

There’s a time and place for a light lunch. Now is the time, and Wimpy is the place. When you’re a little hungry, grab a Dagwood Toasted Sandwich. It’s a lunch that’s as good for your wallet as it is for your tummy.

Chicken Mayo
Toasted Sandwich

When lunchtime rolls around, enjoy a reliable classic. Light, creamy, and toasted to perfection, it’s the simple midday meal you need.

Chicken mayo toasted sandwich with chips
Kids’s lunch ideas


Does your little one love to play with their food? So do we! When they order a Cheeseburger Combo, they don’t just get a burger and fries – we plate it up in a way that’s bound to put a smile on their face.

kids Cheeseburger Combo
Kids crumbed chicken sticks with chips

Crumbed Chicken

Who needs a fork when you have fingers? If your kid prefers to get hands on with their meal, look no further than our Crumbed Chicken Sticks served with a side of chips.