Meet Nogwaja, a rabbit who just can’t help but stir up trouble. His latest adventure involves a group of hunters who are not too pleased with his mischievous behaviour.

Two masked hunters sitting in between two hunting dogs on a mountain.
Dr Nomsa Mdlalose, author of Naughty Nogwaja, in a red shirt and traditional Zulu headwear and beads.

Dr Nomsa Mdlalose


Specialising in folklore, particularly African oral literature, Dr Sasa has published numerous children’s books. She enjoys updating traditional stories, making them contemporary and relevant to younger generations.

Dr Sasa has always been fascinated by the trickster character of the hare and as a child loved stories in which cunning animals outsmarted each other. This was the inspiration behind the Naughty Nogwaja, who is a hero to some and a nuisance to many.

Siya Masuku, illustrator of a children's book called 'Naughty Nogwaja'

Siya Masuku


Siya writes, illustrates, and publishes through his platform Siyafunda Online. He also has numerous book titles under his belt, is an IBBYSA board member, and is known for his beautiful work in isiZulu. Have a look at his work on or follow @siyamasuku on Instagram.

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