Stephanie Pretoruis holding Wimpy takeaway bag

Local restaurant helped mother, daughter broken down in blazing heat

Elizabeth Boshoff and her daughter found themselves in quite a predicament when their tyres burst and they were left stranded, broken down on a hot day…

Cullinan, South Africa – Elizabeth Boshoff and her daughter were driving along a badly potholed road when two of the car’s tyres burst just outside Cullinan. It was a sweltering day and they were stuck on the roadside waiting for assistance. They had no food or water so the wait became unbearable.

As they waited on the roadside, they were overlooked by passing cars including the police, metro cops and a few roadside assistance vehicles. Her daughter’s husband was a few hours away but set off to help them as soon as he got the call.

While they waited, Elizabeth got the idea of calling a local takeout restaurant to ask them to deliver food and water. Their first call was to a KFC which was 1.9kms away. Usually, the fast food restaurant offers delivery but when she explained that they were broken down, the person on the other side of the call took no sympathy and refused to arrange a special delivery.

“I decided to phone KFC Cullinan as in Pretoria where we stay the KFC’s do deliveries. My call was answered by a very unfriendly person and even after I explained our bad situation she replied they DO NOT do any deliveries.”
Refusing to give up, she called the next closest restaurant on Google Maps which happened to be a Wimpy 3.9kms away. Wimpy’s do not deliver either but once she explained their situation the woman on the phone promised to speak with the manager and get back to them.

“A VERY friendly helpful person answered. She took a message AND the manager phoned me back. She took my order, delivered it HOT within a very short while.”
Once the food and drinks were delivered, the manager left her number with Elizabeth and said if they needed any more help, to just give her a call.

“It saved us and left us with much adoration for the manager that went an extra mile”
Now that is what we call satisfactory customer service. Below is Stephanie Pretoruis, the very helpful manager.