Quick Bite Burgers

Burgers for under R31

These days there isn’t much you can do with a R50 note. Back in the day it used to pay your week’s rent, buy your week’s groceries and there was even still a bit left over to get out and do something fun with the family. But it’s 2019 and things cost just a little bit more.

Or do they? With our new Quick Bite Burgers, you can make your money last and still get that delicious Wimpy flavour.

We know that when you’re feeling cash-strapped you aren’t looking to reinvent the bun with a fancy over-the-top burger and exotic ingredients; you’re looking for that familiar taste with some bonus value thrown in. So we’ve created 3 Quick Bite Burgers with the flavours you know and love, in a 50g package.

We’ve got the Classic Quick Bite Burger – a 50g bun and 50g BBQ basted patty with lettuce, cheese and creamy mayo for R24.90. Then there’s the Crispy Onion & Cheese Quick Bite Burger – a 50g bun and 50g patty with lettuce, cheese, chilli mayo and stacked crispy onions for R26.90. Lastly, we have the Crispy Bacon & BBQ Quick Bite Burger – a 50g bun and 50g BBQ basted patty with lettuce, grilled onions, crispy bacon bits and creamy mayo for R29.90 (plus it’s available in a halaal version with Macon).

Remember, our Quick Bite Burgers are available for takeaway for a limited time only.

No matter your budget, there’s a Quick Bite Burger for you!

T&Cs apply.