Wimpy Kids Parties

Celebrate your birthday with Wimpy and Nickelodeon

Johannesburg, October 2019 – Celebrating your birthday when you are not yet tall enough to look mom in the eyes is probably one of the most exciting days in a kid’s life. It comes around religiously once a year and for mom and dad having to plan the party of the year it often sneaks up too quickly.

Planning around everyone’s calendar is generally the first stumbling block to consider and once you find a date when your little one's favourites are all available you can end up battling to find the perfect venue – it is either too expensive, too far or what if it rains and what about the mess you are left with afterwards if you had it in your own home? With this in mind, it is time to be introduced to Nickelodeon™ parties brought to you by Wimpy.

"It couldn’t be simpler if we tried", says Jacques Cronje, Marketing Executive at Wimpy. All you have to do is log on to the Wimpy website (https://wimpy.co.za/kids-party/). Follow three easy steps: select your closest Wimpy, choose your date, time and your Nickelodeon™ party theme. The restaurant will contact you to confirm your booking and all that is left to do after that is to show up on the day to have fun.

There are three meal options available to choose from: a Cheese Burger and a side or a Toasted Cheese and a side or Chicken Sticks and a side. The meal options can be decided on the day. Each of these options also includes a soda and a fun Razzle-Dazzle Snowfreeze™ cone. At the Wimpy there will also be a Fun Buddy available for face painting and balloon sculpting at no extra charge.

At any given time there will be three different Nickelodeon™ themed parties available to meet the approval of your little one. To launch the parties, kids can choose from PAW Patrol, Shimmer & Shine as well as Blaze and the Monster Machines. Due to the popularity of PAW Patrol, your little one could have a PAW Patrol party every year as PAW Patrol will always be available – the décor will change every couple of months.

Included in the party offering will be themed cups, plates, serviettes, balloons and themed candy toys. This will certainly save the designated party planner the run around from having to find all the themed elements for the party. “We are excited to launch this partnership with Wimpy as we already have a long-standing partnership in terms of supplying them with toys to accompany their kids’ meals. Knowing how loved the Nickelodeon™ characters are it is a great opportunity for us to be able to roll out Nickelodeon™ parties on a national level with the footprint of Wimpy. Good fun and good food make for a winning formula”, says Jacques De Beer from Nickelodeon’s consumer products licensing agency.

Available from the 7th of October, no mess no fuss parties (with all the fun) will be just a call away. A theme your little one loves, great food and great entertainment and no cleaning up afterwards is the ultimate party dream. “We look forward to see smiles all around and to continue to make special moments even greater,” concludes Cronje.

Visit https://location.wimpy.co.za/search to locate a Wimpy near you.