Essential Engen Wimpy Pitstop

Why an Engen Wimpy pitstop is a road-trip essential

As South Africans, we know that the summer holiday starts the moment you leave your driveway. We enjoy the road trip and pitstops just as much as the final destination, and when it comes to family road trips, a Wimpy pitstop is an absolute essential.

You’ll find us at Engens along all major routes and our all-day brekkies, classic burgers, gourmet shakes and premium coffees are reason enough to stop and refuel, but, this year, we’ve also got some extras that’ll make the drive something to look forward to.

Animal AR to keep the kids entertained

The road is long, kids get bored and keeping them busy can become a challenge…or you could stop at any Engen Wimpy and get them a Kids’ Combo Meal. We’ll treat them to some augmented reality cards, and they’ll see the World of Animals come alive in the backseat.

Read all about it here.

Guaranteed PNA stationery vouchers

For every R250 you spend at any Wimpy Engen 1Stop, you’ll receive a guaranteed R100 PNA stationery voucher. That helps with the back-to-school shopping, right?

But, what about padkos?

No need to pack anything, because we’ve got that classic Wimpy taste that you’re sure to enjoy. Why not try our summer holiday promos; the Sweet Chilli Mayo Double Cheeseburger & chips or the Cheese Griller Loaded Breakfast?

And just to make sure you get the most out of your road trip...

We’ve added an interactive map to our website that highlights all the Wimpy Engen 1Stops and some other attractions along the way. Check it out.