Press Release

Press Release

The Wimpy family would like to thank the Government for their continued leadership in managing this global health crisis. We will all get through this, together, as a united South African family. Like we have shown in many other crises that we have faced in the past and have overcome; we are stronger Together.

As much as we would love to share with South Africa our iconic breakfasts, unique Wimpy range of burgers, grills, desserts, and of course our milkshakes, we have to make South Africans aware that not all of our restaurants will be able to offer these on delivery only during this phase of the crisis control, as outlined by the Regulations.

For many of our Wimpy restaurants, opening with delivery only will put tremendous financial pressure on the business due to the limitations and costs associated with delivery. Some of our restaurants who are successful in obtaining financial relief, primarily in rentals, will be best placed to offer delivery only.

As a committed member of the South African family, we operate at the highest level of safety and hygiene and we have ensured that our operating procedures are all updated to take into account the Health Department’s guidelines for Covid-19 risk mitigation measures, and more. These include the following:

  • Limited staff complement at all times, with no overlapping shifts or non-essential staff
  • to limit contact and encourage social distancing)
  • All staff are screened for symptoms at the beginning of each shift (including
  • temperature checking).
  • Staff that record symptoms are isolated and immediately sent for follow up testing and,
  • if necessary, further treatment and isolation
  • All staff on site will wear face masks or full face covers at all times
  • Strict handwashing and sanitation routines enforced. All back of house staff wash every
  • minutes as well as after every time they have touched raw and cooked foods,
  • packaging, surfaces, and going to the wash room
  • Limited contact with delivery couriers – including not allowing delivery couriers into the
  • restaurant without a face mask, no more than deep queuing at a time,
  • and limited talking
  • Contactless delivery from our delivery partners, where customers can leave a note for
  • their food to be left at their doorstep
  • Delivery partners only accepting payment by debit or credit card
  • Delivery couriers washing and sanitsing their hands at regular intervals

As a firm part of the fabric of the South African family, we remain committed to keeping our immediate and extended families safe via measures put in place in our restaurants. We are also very excited to be able to offer our fellow South Africans their favourite SA meals as soon as it becomes financially feasible, depending on the specific restaurant. Please keep a look out on our social media pages for a list of restaurants that will be opening within the next few days.

Keep safe South Africa!