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Make Engen Wimpy Your Family Road Trip Pit Stop

Great burgers and brekkies, classic shakes, and premium blend coffees, plus a brand-new kids’ offering that will keep the little ones entertained while you’re heading for your destination. These are the reasons why Engen Wimpy should be the pit stop of choice for your long-weekend getaway.

Let’s have a look at what you can expect at your next stop.

Are We There Yet?

Struggling to keep the kids busy as you make your way to your getaway destination? Stop off for a Kids’ Combo Meal, and we’ll treat them to a Wimpy Number Robot. Make 9 more stops to collect all 10, and they’ll be able to build a Mega Bot.

You’ll also find the Number Robots Game in our kids’ section, which will make screen time educational.

What’s for Lunch?

We’ve got a wide range of classic burgers, grills, and brekkies, and our latest innovations include the Chutney Cheese Crispy Stack Burger and the Loaded Sizzling Sausage Breakfast.

The Chutney Cheese Crispy Stack Burger is served with a portion of chips, and is a real meal deal considering it’s only R54.90. You can also add a Classic Shake of your choice for only R20.

The Loaded Sizzling Sausage Breakfast comes with 1 egg, 2 rashers of streaky bacon, 1 coiled pork sausage, chips, and a slice of toast. Truly loaded, right? Plus, it’s only R59.90.

This is why the best part of the road trip is always the Wimpy pit stop.

What about Coffee?

There’s nothing like a cup of freshly brewed coffee after the first stretch of the journey and our Premium Blend is definitely worth the stop. This medium to dark roast is full-bodied and well-balanced and the taste notes include mild fruit, dark chocolate and walnuts, and you can always expect a smooth, creamy finish.

Enjoy it as an espresso or americano if you like a cup with a bit of kick, or choose a cappuccino or latte if you’re looking for a smooth and creamy drinking experience.

See you on the road.