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Find the best local short stories for kids at Wimpy

Mzansi has such a wealth of local stories, both old and new. Stories such as Nanana Boselesele or Monkey & Crocodile have been part of our oral tradition for generations, and over the years many authors have adapted them for print. Then there are stories such as How the Owl Got its Sound, which are original creations by local authors and which show that the storytelling tradition, which is such an intrinsic part of all cultures in South Africa, continues.

It is important that we encourage our children to embrace these local stories since they shape our understanding of the world and remind us of who we are and where we come from. It’s also easier for children to relate to these kinds of stories because they speak of a world, and people, they are familiar with. This is why Wimpy has partnered with Ethnikids to bring you 6 short stories for kids, which are South African tales by South African authors.

Conscious of the fact that parents are trying to limit screen time for their children, we’re serving up a hard copy version of these storybooks with every Kids’ Combo Meal. These collector pieces have been beautifully illustrated by local artists and if you collect all 6, you can align the back covers to build the South African flag.

On the Wimpy website, you’ll find these books in all 11 official languages and there are also expertly animated readings of each story, in which the authors themselves tell us their tales and also explain why local stories are important. The audiobook version is also available, ideal for those times when you’re travelling with the kids, or need someone else to read them their bedtime story.

So go on, add some Mzansi flavour to story time with Wimpy.