We love it when you talk local text

We Love it When You Talk Local

That’s why the new menu is available in all of South Africa’s official languages

Remember the days when we loved talking foreign? Since then, we’ve discovered that there’s nothing as lekker as keeping it local. We are a South African family restaurant after all and making you feel welcome has always been at the heart of what we do.

Remember in the 80s when we became the first sit-down restaurant to officially welcome all South Africans? Yes, long before we were the Rainbow Nation, we were the Wimpy family. Some even say that the term ‘Rainbow Nation’ was inspired by the great variety of milkshakes that were enjoyed in our restaurants on a daily basis…but we can neither confirm nor deny that.

We were also the first restaurant to introduce a braille menu, and who can forget our iconic braille campaign? We created some very special burgers for SA’s largest institutions for the visually impaired. The sesame seeds that topped each burger were arranged to be a braille description of what Wimpy burger our guest was about to enjoy. Sure, it was a small gesture, but for those who used their hands as their eyes, this was the first time they could do more than just taste their food.

Which brings us to the launch of our new menu, which might seem like nothing to shout about, except that it can now be viewed in all 11 official languages, which is another Mzansi first. Why is this important? Well, the way we see it, nothing makes you feel more at home than being welcomed in your own language.

To view the menu in your language, scan the QR code on the menu or follow this link: https://wimpy.co.za/choose-your-language

Here’s to enjoying many more local moments together.