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Come over for a coffee at Wimpy

There’s a lot to do in December. Catching up with old friends, reuniting with family, and last-minute shopping are just a few that come to mind. Whatever the occasion or the company, everything’s better with a coffee. Here’s a list of coffees to sip this festive season.

Coffee for catchups: A Wimpy Cappuccino

Haven’t seen someone since the beginning of the year? Maybe it’s an ex-colleague, or a distant relative you’ve always been close with. We’re not sure who’s at your table, but we know what should be in your cup – a smooth and creamy cappuccino.

Cool down with an Iced Coffee

Lemonade and soda aren’t the only ways to stay hydrated in December. Chill out with someone special and an Iced Coffee. Treat yourself to the sweet taste of Choc Hazelnut, or the salty-sweet flavour of a Salted Caramel Iced Coffee.

Browse our coffee menu to find your favourite

Whatever your reason for enjoying a coffee, the best place to enjoy it is our table. Browse our coffee menu and find a Wimpy to enjoy your favourite drink this December.