A kid’s burger next to a pair of connect the dots printouts.

Come over for a Famous Grill with juicy chicken

Clear skies, bright sunshine and faces covered in sunglasses – it’s clear to see that summer is in full swing. And there’s only one kind of meal to enjoy when the weather’s this good – a Famous Grill. If you’ve had your fair share of beef, here are a few grills with a juicy chicken prepared to perfection.

Try our new Sweet Chilli Chicken Schnitzel

Have you had a look at our summer lunch menu? Then you’ve probably noticed a new Famous Grill – the Sweet Chilli Chicken Schnitzel. Haven’t tried it yet? Here’s all the motivation you need: a crumbed chicken schnitzel topped with sliced avo and sweet chilli mayo, served with a half portion of coleslaw.

Keep it classic with a ¼ Chicken

When it comes to classic lunch meals, it doesn’t get more iconic than a ¼ chicken. Enjoy yours with bbq, peri peri or lemon and herb basting, served with chips & crispy fried onion rings, or swap the chips for a side of your choice.

Grab a pair of Grilled Chicken Fillets

Some things are just too good to have once – like our succulent grilled chicken fillets. When your tummy rumbles a little louder than usual, come on over for 2 tender grilled chicken fillets basted with bbq or peri-peri or lemon & herb, served with creamy or chilli mayo. And if it’s too much for one sitting, have some now and save some for later

Have the best of both worlds with a Chicken & Boerie Feast

Maybe you’re not just craving chicken, but a grill with a little bit of beef, too. Sounds like someone is craving our Chicken & Boerie Feast. It’s you – you’re someone, and we’ll serve you crumbed chicken strips, 2 beef boerie skewers & a choice of bbq mayo or sweet chilli mayo dipping sauce.

Try a classic chicken and beef grill

Simple but succulent – that’s the best way to describe one of Mzansi’s favourite Famous Grills. Picture a grill with beef boerewors and a juicy ¼ chicken basted with bbq or peri-peri or lemon & herb. Then pay us a visit to enjoy the Thrill of the Grill at our table.

There’s a juicy chicken grill waiting for you

We can’t wait to serve you something mouth-watering. Pay us a visit this December for something delicious.