A cup of tea next to a cappuccino, espresso, flapjacks, and a slice of chocolate cake.

Warm Up with a Cup of Coffee or Tea

Feeling the chill? There's no better way to brave the cold than with a steaming cup of your favourite coffee or tea. Take a seat at our table to sip your favourite winter warmer. Here are a few warm brews worth enjoying:

Come in for a coffee

Like your coffee strong? Let’s pour you an espresso. Or maybe you’re looking for the creamy taste of a flavoured brew? Sounds like you’re craving our new flavoured lattes. And if you enjoy nothing more than a straightforward brew to keep the chill at bay, nothing beats the classic taste of a cappuccino. So, whether you’re between business meetings or need a boost during your study break, make yourself at home and we’ll make you something warm.

Sip your favourite tea at our table

Coffee isn’t the only warm drink on our menu. If strong brews aren’t your cup of tea, how about a cup or two of Five Roses Ceylon or Rooibos? Come over for a catch up and skip the coffee this time. Find your cosy corner, grab two cups of tea, and let the conversation flow.

Pair your brew with something sweet

Your hot cup of comfort could use a delightful companion, and our sweet treats are just the thing. Do you have a taste for the traditional? Nothing says classic quite like a hot brew and 3 Flippin’ Flapjacks. If you’re having something as strong as an espresso, why not pair it with our indulgent Triple Choc Cake, or a serving of waffles.

At our table, your way is the best way. We are here to serve up your favourite brew exactly how you like it. So go ahead and make yourself comfortable. We’ve got a cup of coffee or tea for you.