Grab the best breakfast anytime

Grab the best breakfast anytime

Breakfast on your terms means it's ready when you are, not just when the clock says so. Early bird or not, your morning meal waits for your cue. It's about your schedule, and most importantly, your appetite.

Treat yourself to breakfast with homegrown flavour

When it's time for that first meal, make it count. Enjoy the homegrown flavour of a Cheese Griller and Hash Brekkie. Delicious, satisfying, and just how breakfast should taste, no matter the hour. Start your day, your way, with a meal that sets the tone for just R69.90.

T&Cs apply. Offer valid from 26 March 2024 – 11 June 2024.

Join us at our table for breakfast

And the best spot for that unbeatable first meal? Right here, at our table. Join us for a breakfast special that hits the spot every time, making your morning or midday meal worth remembering.