Read with Wimpy

Dive into our digital library of short stories

What do school holidays mean for your little one? Usually less homework and more screentime. That’s how you know it’s holiday mode – when your kids swap homework for hashtags and textbooks for tablets. Since your mini me’s probably already on their screen, we’ve got something that entertains and educates them in one go – our collection of local short stories.

Read local short stories in your kid’s language

Stories are easier to follow when they’re written in a language you understand most. And when they are set in places that your kid can recognise, that’s when you know you have a page-turner in your hands. Our digital library has more than 10 local stories written in all 11 official languages. Every story teaches a valuable moral lesson, from the importance of sharing to the value of appreciating how unique we all are.

Watch animated versions of our short stories

Some kids love to read stories; others prefer to watch them. We’ve got both covered. All our children’s stories have been animated. So whichever story caught your kid’s eye, head to our digital library, press play and let the story unfold on your screen.

Bond over short stories written just for your little one

Let’s face it – when a kid has a screen in front of them, the rest of the world basically disappears. Bonding can be a bit of a challenge when junior’s still enjoying back-to-back episodes of their favourite cartoon. Screens have a way of stopping time – until you look up.

This school holiday, turn screentime into bonding time with our collection of online books. Head to our digital library, where you’ll find stories written just for your little one. Pick a book and a time, pick a language and enjoy some quality time together.