From the Mixed Grill brekkie to our Bangers & Mash for lunch

Grab the burger you’re craving

Cheese burger or chicken burger – there’s something for every craving on the Wimpy burger menu. Whether you're a fan of the classics, big burgers, or anything in between, you and the people at your table will find something to love on our menu.

Burgers for breakfast

Who says you can’t enjoy a burger for breakfast? We’ve got a few options with your favourite breakfast ingredients. Burgers with bacon, burgers with eggs, and even burgers with both. Come in anytime, your table is ready.

Burgers for lunch

Need a lunch deal that speaks ‘you’? At Wimpy, we’ve got burgers that speak to everyone’s taste. Not so hungry – there’s a burger for that; stomach’s growling – we’ve got burgers that speak volumes. Whether you're dining solo or with friends, come in for lunch whenever you’re hungry.

Craving a burger and something to drink?

Our drinks menu is as iconic as our burgers. Why not pair your favourite burger with a refreshing drink? It’s easy when you can ask for it in your language. From classic sodas to creamy milkshakes, hot beverages and summer drinks – we've got the perfect drink to complement every burger on our menu.

Order any burger in any official language in South Africa

What’s better than grabbing a seat for the mouth-watering taste of a juicy beef burger from Wimpy? Ordering it in your lingo. Everyone deserves to enjoy their favourite burger in the language of their choice. That's why our menu is available in any official language in South Africa. English, Zulu, Xhosa, to Afrikaans – ask for a menu that speaks your language.

Still can’t decide on a burger?

Having trouble choosing the perfect burger? Let us help! Take our interactive burger quiz to discover your ideal match based on your taste preferences or level of hunger.