From the Mixed Grill brekkie to our Bangers & Mash for lunch

What’s new on our menu?

There’s always a little thrill when you spot something new on a menu. Imagine spotting three. Why imagine when you’re invited to try something from our updating menu? Breakfast, a burger or milkshakes – whatever you’re craving, our updated menu’s got you covered.

Find the Mixed Grill on our breakfast menu

Let’s start with breakfast. On your next visit don’t be surprised if you find the Mixed Grill under the brekkie section. Everyone’s favourite Famous Grill is too delicious to have just for lunch. If you’ve had enough bacon and egg breakfasts, treat yourself to a tender sirloin steak, beef patty, beef boerewors, 2 rashers of back bacon, 1 fried egg, grilled onions and Famous Wimpy Relish.

Try the new Famous Grill on our menu

We moved one dish to the breakfast menu, and added something delicious to our Famous Grills – just in time for autumn. Cooler weather calls for comfort food, and it doesn’t get more comforting than our NEW Bangers & Mash. When lunchtime comes around, come over for 3 beef bangers with mashed potatoes, served with brown onion gravy.

More affordable burgers on our lunch menu

On the move? Don’t skip lunch – grab one that can keep up with you. Check out our menu and drop by for a Wimpy Quick Bite Burger. If you’re craving a classic with a little something extra, grab the Wimpy Cheese Burger.

Sip a short Famous Shake from our drinks menu

Everyone loves a good milkshake, even if they don’t have the biggest sweet tooth. That’s why our Famous Shakes are available in short servings. Sip on the timeless taste in a serving size made just for you.

Spotted something you like? Head to a Wimpy near you for a sip or a bite.