Wimpy and Momentum

Get moving with Wimpy and Momentum Multiply

Get moving for Weekly Wins at Wimpy! Momentum Multiply has partnered with us to reward their members for staying active. Members can now enjoy a free treat at Wimpy when they reach their weekly activity streaks.

Members can redeem their Momentum Multiply voucher codes for one of the following hot drinks:

  • Regular Caffé Latte
  • Regular Cappuccino
  • Regular Famous Wimpy Coffee
  • Regular Filter Coffee
  • Regular Americano
  • Single Espresso
  • Double Espresso
  • Regular Chai Tea Latte
  • Regular Tea
  • Regular Rooibos Tea

Here’s how it works

Momentum Multiply members must link their devices to track their activities and then sync their devices to earn a streak. When a streak is earned, they need to log in to multiply.co.za to choose their treat. Once they’ve selected their treat, they need to click on "Use a reward" to get their voucher code. This will then be sent via SMS.

Simply give the code to the waiter when presented with the bill and the treat will be deducted.

So, get moving with Weekly Wins, and we’ll see you soon at Wimpy!

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