Wimpy Rewards FAQ

1.1 What is Wimpy Rewards?

Wimpy Rewards is an App based loyalty programme designed to reward loyal customers for dining at Wimpy restaurants in South Africa

2.1 Is there a fee to join?

There is no fee to join and participate in the Wimpy Rewards programme.

2.2 Who is eligible to join Wimpy Rewards?

The programme is open to all residents of South Africa, over the age of 18.

2.3 How do I join?

To join the programme, simply download the Wimpy App on your smartphone and sign-up, create your profile and complete the registration to begin earning Coins. You will need to verify your cell phone number through an OTP process.

2.4 What do I need in order to join?

To join the programme, you will need to provide your name, surname, date of birth, email address and cell phone number.

2.5 Why do I have to provide personal information, such as my email address, when I sign up?

When you become a Wimpy Rewards member, you provide us with personal information such as your name, date of birth, email address and cellphone, to clearly identify you as the owner of your account and protect your Coins balance from misuse. We take the safety and security of your personal information seriously. To learn more about information that Wimpy may collect and what we do with it, please see our Privacy Policy.

3.1 How do I download the Wimpy App?

Download the Wimpy App on your smartphone from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

3.2 Is the Wimpy App free to download?

Yes, the Wimpy App is absolutely free to download! Minimal data is needed to download the Wimpy App.

3.3 Do I need a physical loyalty card?

No, the Wimpy Rewards programme is run entirely through the Wimpy App. Limited features are also available on the Wimpy website. You will not receive a physical loyalty card.

3.4 Can I pay directly through the App?

Yes, the App allows you to link your cards to pay directly through the App.

4.1 How do I earn Wimpy Rewards Coins?

You can earn Coins by scanning the QR code on your till slip with the Wimpy App and selecting either an in-app payment method or selecting to “Pay the Waitron”. Once your bill is fully settled you will be awarded with Coins!

4.2 Can I earn Coins at any Wimpy?

Yes, you can earn Coins at selected Wimpy restaurants across South Africa, including selected forecourt restaurants located at Engen service stations.

4.3 When can I start earning Coins?

You can start earning Coins immediately once you have registered on the Wimpy App.

4.4 How long does it take for my Coins to reflect on my Wimpy App?

Your Coins will refect on your Wimpy App immediately upon payment. Should your Coins not reflect within 5 minutes please ask one of our friendly waitrons to assist you. Coins cannot be loaded after a transaction has been closed or once you have left the Wimpy restaurant.

4.5 What if the system is offline or if there is a technical issue, will I still earn Coins?

In the event of a techical issue, Wimpy Coins will not be processed for those transactions; this will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please contact Wimpy Customer Care to assist you in this event.

4.6 Are there items on the Wimpy menu on which I cannot earn Coins?

No, you will be able to earn Coins when you spend on any of the Wimpy menu items, including promotions.

4.7 Can I earn Coins and spend my existing Coins in the same purchase?

Yes, you can. You will earn Coins of the portion of the bill paid for with cash or card. You will not earn Coins on the portion of the bill paid for in Coins.

4.8 Do I earn Coins on gratuity?

No, you will earn Coins on the total of your bill before gratuity is added.

4.9 Do I earn Coins on the total of my bill including VAT?

Yes, you will earn Coins on the total of your bill including VAT.

4.10 Do I need to keep my receipts in order to earn my Wimpy Coins?

You do not need to keep your receipt of purchase in order to earn your Wimpy Coins. You will earn Coins automatically by scanning the QR code on your receipt, selecting a payment method and settling your bill. However, should there be a technical problem, please keep your receipt and send to info@wimpy.co.za for assistance.

5.1 How do I spend my Wimpy Coins?

You can use your accumulated Coins at any time to pay for meals and drinks at Wimpy. Coins can be spent by scanning the QR code on your bill, or by generating a QR code on the app and providing the corresponding numeric string to your waitron

5.2 Where can I spend my Wimpy Coins?

You can spend your Coins at any of the Wimpy locations across South Africa. Use our store locator on the App to find a Wimpy near you.

5.3 When can I spend my Coins? Is there a minimum number of Coins I need before I can spend my Coins?

You can spend your Coins at any time.

5.4 Can I convert my Coins to physical cash?

Coins cannot be converted into physical cash.

5.5 Can I share my Coins with my friends or family?

Coins are not transferable to friends or family.

6.1 How can I check how many Coins I have?

You can check your Coins balance at any time on the home page of the Wimpy App or on the Wimpy website.

6.2 What happens if my Coins disappear or were never credited?

Should you have an issue with Coins reflecting, please contact Wimpy Customer Care at info@wimpy.co.za or call us on 0860 WIMPY.

6.3 Do my Coins expire?

Your Coins expire after 13 months of no earn or redeeming of Coins at Wimpy.

7.1 How do I check / update my details?

You can check or update your account details at any time on the Wimpy App in your Profile section.

7.2 What if I don’t have access to data or Wi-Fi? How do I view my Wimpy App account and Coins balance?

Use our free in-store WIFI!

7.3 I forgot my PIN

If you have registered but have forgotten your PIN, click on the “Forgot PIN” button on the LOG IN page on the Wimpy App. You will be prompted to enter your phone number (used for registration) and a new PIN. A new OTP will then be sent to you. Note that this process will remove any existing cards logged on the app, for security purposes, and you will need to lodge another card.

7.4 I want to cancel my account

We'd love you to stay with us, but if you need to cancel, our customer service help desk can help you. You can contact Wimpy Customer Care at info@wimpy.co.za or by calling 0860 WIMPY. Should you cancel your account, your Coins will be forfeited.

7.5 What if I no longer want to receive marketing from Wimpy?

If you no longer wish to receive any marketing communications from Wimpy, you can send us an email with the subject line “unsubscribe” to info@wimpy.co.za. Please note: should you opt-out of our communications, you will not receive offers or notifications about the programme and rewards and therefore, will not fully benefit from the Wimpy Rewards programme.

7.6 What will my information be used for?

We use your information to contact you and to send you personalised offers and rewards. Please feel free to visit our Privacy Policy here.