Jackal can’t help himself; he’s back with more pranks for his cousin Wolf, and this time he’s armed with a delicious milk tart.

A laughing purple jackal chasing a shocked white chicken.
Dr Cobi Labuschagne, author of Jackal and Wolf.



Dr Cobi started writing because she wanted to share more South African stories with her children. She believes that local stories reinforce confidence and instil a sense of pride in one’s own background. Local stories can also teach children about people who live very different lives from our own, but whom we interact with every day, which is important in a country as diverse as ours.

Growing up, she listened to a lot of Jackal and Wolf stories and felt that it was unfair that the Jackal always won. She also loves milk tart, especially her grandmother’s milk tart, and wanted to weave a tale around this wonderful bit of South African cuisine. This is how her story of Jackal and Wolf came to be.

Mogau Kekana, digital artist and illustrator of Jackal and the Wolf.



Mogau is a storyteller, animator, and conceptual artist with two distinct illustrative styles. He is currently studying at Gobelins in France. You can view his work or follow @mogau_k on Instagram.

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