Nanana Boselesele, a wise and brave woman, leaves her children at home one day and they are captured by Sondonzima the elephant. Determined, Nanana sets out to rescue them, showing that courage and wit can save the day.

Image of old woman from local storybook with hands on her hips.
Lebohang Masango, poet and author of Nanana Boselesele.



Lebohang is an award-winning author and poet. Her children’s book, Mpumi’s Magic Beads, which was written in 2017, is available in all 11 of South Africa’s official languages and has won numerous literary awards.

Nanana Boselesele is a story Lebohang grew up with, one that she was told many times by her mother. It is a story that shaped her understanding of the world and that made her proud of her heritage and culture. This is why she has decided to give us her rendition of this famous South African folktale, so that other children can stay connected to the world they come from.

Subi Bosa, an artist and illustrator of Nanana Boselesele.



A modern artist with a distinctive style, Subi is a passionate children's book illustrator. He has worked on numerous international titles and also does a lot of advocate work for literacy organisations such as Bookdash and The Bookery. Check out @subi_bosa on Instagram or Behance.

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