Get moving with Wimpy and Momentum Multiply

Get moving with Wimpy and Momentum Multiply

Kick-off the year with Wimpy and Momentum Multiply! Momentum Multiply has partnered with us to reward their members for staying active. Members can now enjoy a free treat at Wimpy when they reach their weekly activity targets.

The treats available are a range of Wimpy’s Famous Hot Drinks:

  • Regular Caffé Latte
  • Regular Cappuccino
  • Regular Famous Wimpy Coffee
  • Regular Filter Coffee
  • Regular Americano
  • Single Espresso
  • Double Espresso
  • Regular Chai Tea Latte
  • Regular Tea
  • Regular Rooibos Tea

So, let’s get moving! Burn those calories, track your steps and pedal hard to get your Weekly Wins treat at Wimpy.

For more info on how to earn Weekly Wins or how to claim your Famous Hot Drink, click here.